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While you pen down your probable itinerary, check your wish list thoroughly with respect to whether or not a particular place is accessible through a cruise ship. ► Before planning your itinerary, decide upon what you wish to do most during your vacation―whether you wish to indulge more in sailing and in adventures such as scuba diving or whether you want to stay more on land. ► As of now, Caribbean cruises offer two broad categories from which you can choose your itinerary. This means that sailing the Western Caribbean itinerary requires more days at sea. ◆ These itineraries are also usually week-long, owing to the long distances between these islands, these cruises make three or four stops, and not more than 8 to 24 hours are spent at the port of call. If you aren't, no problem; you can still try using it. However, the country's highlights also include state-of-the-art tourist infrastructure, an excellent night-life, and a very warm attitude of the locals. A Guide to Help You Plan a Caribbean Cruise Visual surprise is natural in the Caribbean; it comes with the landscape, and faced with its beauty, the sigh of History dissolves. There is no doubt that these might be lesser-known, lesser travelled ports and harbours; however, this very thing might also put them on the list of the most beautiful ones, undisturbed/less affected by excessive human intervention. Smaller ships, owing to their “exotic” itinerary, mostly offer limited number of bargains. ► It is important to note that in spite of numerous picturesque islands all across the Caribbean, not every island is a cruise port. There are number of land border posts between South Africa and its immediate neighbours. ✦ Cape Town is a major port of call for numerous large cruise lines.

You can halt for 6 - 7 days to enjoy the water sports and cruise on the river. However, don't forget to obtain all your valid travel documents, documented proof of the vaccinations you have taken, travel insurance papers, and most importantly, your medicines along with the doctor's prescription. Xanterra Parks and Resorts operate five out of these, where you can make reservations on-line. On all the other days, you are free to indulge in excursions and enjoy the beaches. If you plan to bunk in the outdoors, carry your camping gear along with some warm clothing, as the night may bring some chills in the mountains.